Energy Healing Seminar

Leading edge universities are embracing energy healing and recognize the impact on the healing sciences across the board as more and more professional doctors, therapists and healers adopt energy healing as a contemporary modality to expand physiological, biological and spiritual healing in patients.

Pacific Northwest Reiki Masters and trainers headquartered from the Reiki Ranch training facility are empowering practitioners looking to expand their healing capabilities and people with a heart for healing themselves, their loved ones, friends, family, pets and other animals.

Energy healing works on all things, it not only heals broken people and beings but also can grow magnificent vegetables, beautiful flora and changes the composition of the elements in real time.

Energy Healing Seminar

Upcoming Event: Laser Reiki Master Training coming up soon for winter 2016-2017

Taylore Vance and Herb “Roi” Richards cover all methods of dispersing and administering the healing energy to achieve the most effective results from healing meditation to Reiki healing hands therapies.

At one end of the spectrum is the therapeutic touch that dispenses the energy medicine the other is using laser-like technology enabling the healer to produce demonstrative results uninhibited by time and space.

Often misinterpreted as faith healing, working in the science of energy fields and using higher forms of energy to affect ailments within the physical body, thy psychological and spiritual systems simultaneously.

Regarded as the highest form of natural healing, energy healing does not require any external equipment, no lotions, potions or supplements to totally shift a unhealthy vibrational field into a healthy energy field that changes the structure of the subject affecting the DNA and even down to a sub atomic level to affect a healthy state.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits are available for health practitioners seeking to investigate the possibilities of expanding the landscape of their healing science understanding.

Private individuals are encouraged to learn how to master the energy healing sciences for self healing, healing others, the environment as well as healing the world.

Energy healing is one of the best ways to effect world change from the lowest level with the highest level raising consciousness and fostering peace and prosperity.